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Personalised Skin Care Solutions

REU Personalised Skin Care Regimen consists of Gel Cleanser, Day Cream Base, Night Cream Base, Eye Contour Cream Base, AHA Serum and four complementary serums.

The aim of this set is to determine the needs of your individual skin, to prepare creams with the right active concentrations accordingly and to restore your skin’s youthfulness, natural radiance and elasticity with Growth Factors, Peptides, Amino Acids, Vitamins and Natural Based Ingredients.

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To get your skin analyzed, take a photo right from the REU app and answer a couple of questions related to general living conditions and skin.


App quickly generates a formula guide so that you may prepare your unique REU skincare products with ease.


Once you are ready to check out, simply place an order and make a secure payment right from the app.


Add your precious active serums according to your unique formula into one of your REU cream base products or cleansing gel.


Our Products
Enriched with growth factors and antioxidants, is a perfect base cream ready to be personalized with serums. Designed to moisturize, nourish and protect the skin.
Energizes and moisturizes the delicate eye area. A rich base cream to be personalized with serums according to your skin needs.
Intensively moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates skin with the unique and synergetic combination of growth factors and repairing panthenol.
REU Purify & Renew Gel Cleanser brings together the gentle exfoliation and cleansing in one product. This SLES-free multifunctional cleanser Improves skin texture and smoothness. Refreshes skin providing a healthy looking and bright complexion.



Exfoliation is important to renew the skin and minimize complications like acne scars, dark spots and wrinkles.

  • Improves overall complexion.
  • Provides a more youthful appearance.

Active Ingredients

  • Glycolic Acid

Application: Add to the base cream at the advised amounts in your Formula Guide, mix and use the personalized cream as told in the Usage Guide.

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Data shows us;

Skincare industry had grown 60% in the past decade and reached a 150 Billion USD market value.

  • Skincare industry only invests in generic problems and came up with solutions that really helped none of our unique; non-generic issues.
  • Nearly half of the purchased goods go wasted without even used twice.


Growth Factors
Easily Absorbs
Restores Skin’s Vitality
100% Natural & Paraben-Free

Next Genaration Cell to Cell Beauty

Hydra Dermaroller Applicator-ready

With this meticulously crafted line, we’ve combined cutting-edg&skincare science with the power of exosomes to deliver unparalleled results for your skin.

At the heart of our series lies the transformative power of exosomes. These tiny, cell-derived messengers play a pivotal role in cellular communication, aiding in the repair and regeneration of skin cells.

Hi-Tech & Traditional Skin Care

Purchasing Frequency: Every 1-3 months
With the transformative power of exosomes, this series deeply moisturizes the skin and helps repair and regenerate skin cells. It helps your skin glow and traps moisture in your skin.
Reu Skincare

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REU Personalized Skin Care Regimen is composed of a Gel Cleanser, a Day Cream Base, a Night Cream Base, an Eye Contour Cream Base, an AHA Serum and four complementary serums.

The aim of this set is to determine your individual skin needs, let you prepare the creams with the right active concentrations accordingly and restore your skin’s youthfulness, natural brightness and suppleness with the Growth Factors, Peptides, Amino Acids, Vitamins and Natural Based Ingredients.

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    What is the REU Skincare System?
    Bioceuticals products specially formulated by Prof. Dr. Gürsel Turgut. It is prepared in line with skin analyzes, a special series is prepared by taking into account the environmental conditions and other details of the person.
    Why Skin Analysis for REU Skincare System?
    The needs of each skin type are different and environmental conditions change the balance of vitamins and minerals needed by the skin. REU Skincare System is formulated completely individually in line with skin analysis. It is non-allergenic as it has no cellular content.
    What are the Features of the REU Skincare System?
    Cellular content. Does not contain animal or vegetable ingredients. It is prepared individually. It is not allergic. Contains exosome. Supports growth factor and keeps the collagen and elastin balance of the skin constant. Can be adjusted according to the season and environmental conditions. User friendly.
    How is the REU Skincare System Prepared?
    For the Reu Skincare System, skin analysis is first performed to determine the problems and needs of the skin. In line with the analysis, the serums in the series are formulated and added into the creams to be used.
    For Which Skin Problems is REU Skincare System Effective?
    Moisture loss Stain marks Wrinkles, especially wrinkles around the eyes Sagging skin
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